‘It’s a fortnight’s solid read in a harvest field with your feet up listening to larks.... This tale of country folk, their loves and hates, their customs, is like a prescription for our troubled age. For those who seek this peace, it is all here - the people, the sky, the good earth.’
Alexander Cordell

In America it was said of this authentic Pembrokeshire writing: ‘Powerful, evocative, moving, HERONSMILL is a modern country tale, a compelling family saga rich in the folklore and beauty of the Welsh countryside and a story inhabited by characters you will care deeply about.’

In the face of the worst that fate can do, and the loss of an old way of life, Eben Harter struggles to hold on to all the values which were ingrained in him during an age gone beyond recall.

Filled, as a boy, with the wonder of growing things, he reaches manhood with all the kindliness and integrity that
life at remote Heronsmill has given him.

But progress and two world wars bring inevitable changes to the simplicity of a country way of life, not least to the farming in which he eventually becomes heavily committed. They bring changes to Eben Harter and his family, too.

This vivid word picture of rural Pembrokeshire provides a marvellous insight into life in ‘Little England Beyond
Wales’, from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day.
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ISBN 978-1-874490-16-6
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