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With a light touch, a honed mind and unerring accuracy, Daphne Ayles goes ‘Shopping for God’ as she probes the perennial questions asked by Man.  Who is God?  What makes Him tick? Where can you find Him?


The refreshing thing about On A Clear Day … is that it has a rhythm all its own, like nature on a spring morning, fresh, impulsive and irresistible.  With simplicity and clarity, she plumbs the deepest waters, (still or stormy), climbs the highest mountain, (Snowdon for a start: it can only be seen on a clear day), travels the furthest reaches of the mind, (from Heaven to Hell), and comes up smiling, laughing, and, yes, loving, too.


This is one of those compelling books which provokes a re-evaluation of one’s own life style and place in the scheme of things, making it very personal, very caring, and very well worth reading.


It is also the kind of book you’ll want to share, especially its simple, honest recipe for day to day living and loving that puts us on the right road — the clear road — to see God